Rose Cleaning Services - A family-run domestic and commercial cleaning company based in Chester, UK.


After 7 successful years in business, the owners wanted their brand identity refreshed in order to appeal to a bigger client base; something modern and sophisticated, yet simple in design. For personal reasons, it was essential to incorporate a rose and to maintain their signature red and blue colour palette.


To achieve a clean and modern look, I played around with the general silhouette of a rose. A subtle, red ombre effect working its way to the center of the rose creates more depth and a sense of 'freshness'. The transparent lines dividing each petal takes away any intensity to the eye at first sight and adds vibrance. This design is also fitting for uniform embroidery - as requested by the client.


This was designed to be printed on matte paper due to the ratio of red, white and blue used. Overall, it lightly incorporates the different design elements used on the service leaflet, creating a well-balanced and subtle correlation between the two. 



Rose Cleaning Services operates in the Chester area only, so it was key to appeal to the demographic there first and foremost. An image of Chester's famous landmark working its way around the leaflet creates an instant rapport with the receiver. The colours and structure of the image compliments the red and blue palette, becoming all thats necessary to keep the tone warm, simple and sophisticated.

Challenge: The client didn't want the design to resemble every other cleaning company leaflet - covered entirely in pictures of cleaning equipment. They seeked a chic look without making it oblivious what they're about.

Solution: I left the cleaning-related images for the middle of the leaflet which can't be seen until fully opened. By using a tri-fold leaflet, I was able to emphasize the companies' key attributes such as 'Commercial', 'Domestic', 'Builders Clean', 'Professional', 'Reliable', 'Honest', etc - on the first open.